Adrian Turner is the artist who created Selometric Art. He is a self-taught artist born in Bedford but now living in Northamptonshire. He first started his art career in 2012 and has painted at a variety of graffiti/street art events, including a place at Upfest, Europe’s biggest street art festival with over 50,000 visitors. His passion and obsession with science, spirituality, and geometry, specifically sacred and naturally occurring geometry, is evident in his artwork and makes it unique. The usual medium preferred is fineliners and spray paint and using a compass, protractor, and ruler and with a striking stippling effect, he┬árecreates the natural beauty of geometry that is in us, around us and is the building blocks of all things from the molecules in our body, to the paths of planets orbiting the sun. Also his fascination with ancient civilizations, symbology and numerology also influence his work and inspire him to spread the knowledge of the fascinating subjects through his intricate and seamless art. He originally started this mindfulness practice of recreating sacred geometry to distract him from a serious drinking addiction. He has sustained sobriety for almost 4 years and now uses the same calming processes such as art, meditation, and mindfulness in other aspects of his life and hopes to go on to help others who have had experience of addiction, depression, anxiety, and anger find a way to a better life as he has. He prides himself on the fact that all of his art is all hand drawn and hasn’t yet been tempted to use software for digital artwork.